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Homeowners 55+: What You Need to Know

Press Release: The Inman Team

June 24, 2019 We would like to announce that we are going back to our roots and returning to our original team name, The Inman Team! After 12 years of partnership Keith is moving on to a new venture. We can’t thank Keith enough for his partnership and addition to the group. He has been a staple to the team and we will continue …

Rolling Hills Market Activity – November

Rancho Palos Verdes Newsletter: October

Rolling Hills Market Activity – September

History of Rolling Hills – Caballeros Club

  Caballeros is a family organization made up of people who share a liking for horses, and an enthusiasm for riding. As soon as the group was formed in 1951, its members took on the formidable task of building a network of bridle trails through the hills. Prime movers in this work were Jesse Powers, the first President and Roland Swaffield, the trails chairman. …

This Month in Real Estate: August

10 Steps to Closing Escrow!

So you are midway through the Home buying process and have found your dream home…now what? The escrow process can be a confusing and stressful time during a Real Estate transaction. Whether you are a buyer or seller it is important to understand the steps that lie ahead.  The escrow process begins just after you accept an offer and ends when the buyer receives …

Homeowners 55 and Older: What You Need to Know!

What You Need to Know About Prop 60/90             Empty Nesters face many challenges when it comes to selling their home and buying a replacement property.  Once the children leave the nest and you and your partner are left with a lot of house, it is a common time to start considering selling, but after looking at the market …

The History of The Gated City – Rolling Hills

In 1848, California was ceded to the United States. Soon after California was admitted to the Union, San Pedro became a Port of Entry due to the efforts of such prominent citizens as Abel Stearns and Phineas Banning. Three stagecoach lines carried passengers from the Port into the City of Los Angeles. The route the stagecoaches followed is roughly that of the Harbor Freeway, …

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