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What stays & what goes when you move?!

Posted by Nicole on November 22, 2016

The Inman Team | Keller Williams Realty LA Harbor

Are you considering selling but not sure about what stays & what goes before you move? Everything is negotiable, and certain items that are special to you can be excluded as long as it is disclosed to the buyer but here are some of the rules we live by in Real Estate.

26 Family room view 2

When you read the purchase agreement generally everything that is attached to the property stays. Some may seem obvious but many people have a different definition of attached so here is some clarity.

BUILT-INS – Built-in bookshelves, benches, and pull-out furniture generally stays inside the home.

APPLIANCES: Homeowners, especially new homeowners, don’t always have their own appliances. Many buyers would be more likely to place an offer on a home if it came fully stocked with appliances.

LANDSCAPING – Trees, shrubs, and any flowers planted in the ground should stay in the yard.

WALL MOUNTS: If you have TV wall mounts or picture mounts that might damage the wall if you remove them, it is a good idea to leave them in place when you move.

CUSTOM-FIT ITEMS: If you have custom-made curtains, plantation shutters, or blinds, leave them on the windows and doors.

HARDWARE: If you upgraded the knobs and drawer pulls in your bathrooms and the kitchen, you’ll either have to leave those behind or install replacements before you move.

ALARM SYSTEM: Wireless alarm systems are designed to be removed. Otherwise, leave the alarm monitoring station attached and either relocate or cancel the monitoring service.

SMOKE DETECTORS: Smoke detectors and sprinkler systems should stay in the house, especially if you plan to move before selling the house.

FIXTURES: existing electrical, mechanical, lighting, plumbing and heating fixtures. This includes, ceiling fans.

WINDOW/DOORS: window and doors screens, awnings, shutters, window coverings (this includes curtains and curtain rods), attached floor coverings (you may take your rugs).

ATTACHED ELECTRONICS: television antennas, satellite dishes, air conditioners, pool/spa equipment, garage door openers, remote controls

EXTERIOR: mailbox, water features & fountains, water softeners, water purifiers

OTHER: fireplace inserts, gas logs and grates, solar power systems.


Patio furniture, lawn equipment, and play sets: If you have a wooden swing set in the backyard and a bistro table on the front porch, take those items with you.

Appliances: Some lenders require that a home have an oven installed before approving a loan, but for all other appliances, it’s up to you to decide what you will take and what you will offer as part of the home.

Some light fixtures: Generally, homeowners leave light fixtures behind, but if you’re attached to a certain fixture, you can make arrangements with the buyer to take it.

7 Living room to dining area

Built-in kitchen tools: If you can safely remove a mounted spice rack or the pasta arm, you can take it with you.

Rugs, basic curtains, wreaths: Small decor items like rugs or curtain rods that can be safely removed can be taken.

AUDIO/TV: you may take your TV but unless disclosed you must leave the wall mount. If you decide to also take the wall mount you must disclose that you will patch the wall.

If there is ever an item that you feel is something you MUST take with you when you sell your home, please discuss with your Realtor prior so they are aware of the item. As long as you disclose your intentions with an item then there should not be an issue. Everything is up for negotiation, to one buyer one item may be important to them while to another it may not. DISCLOSE, DISCLOSE, DISCLOSE!

Information deemed Reliable but not Guaranteed. Check with your local Real Estate Agent, some cities/states have different requirements.

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